My Journey: Cooking School Teacher to Cookbook Author

Armed with a passion for cooking, years of classes, including a one-week course with Julia Child, and receiving cooking instructor certification, I began teaching a few friends in my small country kitchen in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. It caught on. The following year, with a professional kitchen installed, I formally opened the Blue Apron Cooking School. We have been having great fun for 15 years!

2020 — A Time for Fresh Ideas and New Opportunities

It’s been my goal for quite sometime to venture into the process of writing a cookbook—one that would showcase some of the highlights and favorite recipes from the School. This would be the Year!

I put the school on hold with the plan to concentrate my attentions and efforts getting this book underway.

But, like many, I’ve found myself diverted by the Covid-19 situation. So while I continue my efforts on the book, I feel the need to reach out and connect with fellow friends and foodies along the way. I plan to keep in touch with cookbook updates, general thoughts, cooking hints and some really great recipes as we navigate these difficult days. Please check in for updates and conversation. Wish me luck, I think I’m going to need it!

Stay Healthy, Happy and Well Fed!

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A Wedding Dinner Under the Stars

A Wedding Dinner Under the Stars

In spite of threatening rain all day we pressed on. As luck would have it, an hour before the 6:00 pm start time the skies cleared and brought a gentle breeze. It was to be a lovely evening! In the meantime, the crazies of the last minute prep were underway in my...

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Recipe Spotlight

Creamy Zucchini Soup With Spicy Seasoned Crackers

Creamy Zucchini Soup With Spicy Seasoned Crackers

This is a favorite of my family, was always a hit with the students and a menu favorite at The Blue Apron Corner Cafe. It's fast, easy and delicious. Perfect in summer when zucchini is plentiful and great served hot or cold. Simple Ingredients: Fresh zucchini, good...

Tips & Tricks Spotlight

A Few Favorite Tips and Tricks From Liz

A Few Favorite Tips and Tricks From Liz

Continuing to wade through recipes and ideas for the cookbook I often come across favorite hints, tips and ideas to share and include in the book. I love finding an easier better way of doing something and have accumulated such a collection I could do a whole book on...

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