A Passion for Cooking

Meet Liz, Your Instructor

Liz Turner learned to cook in a big, old-fashioned kitchen with her mother, grandmother and 13 great aunts. She cooked her first complete Thanksgiving dinner at age 11, with Mom coaching from bed as she recovered from surgery. She did most of the family meals throughout the years, which provided her with a basic understanding of the kitchen and cooking.

Entertaining has always been a passion for Liz. She enjoys all of it, from the planning, food preparation and presentation to the table decor and setting. Through the early years of married life, she channeled this passion into trying to teach herself fancy complicated dishes—some more successful than others. Her husband surprised and encouraged her with the life-changing experience of a 40-hour cooking class with Julia Child!

Liz’s personal and professional life offered her the opportunity to travel and live internationally. She expanded her culinary knowledge by taking classes and studying the local cuisines. Upon relocating full-time to the White Mountains when her husband retired, she received her Cooking School Instructor Certification, remodeled her kitchen, and in 2005 opened the door to the Blue Apron Cooking School.

Liz, the class was wonderful and so were you. Thank you for sharing your talent and your beautiful home. I’ll never chop an onion again without thinking of you!